Why People Still Love their Blackberry Phones?

kierhicks | September 7, 2016 | 3 | Technology

Remember those times when you would enviously look at someone’s BlackBerry device and hope to own one in the future?

We have left those days far behind, and now tech giants like Apple and Samsung have jointly reduced the popularity of BlackBerry devices. When you are planning to buy a new phone, the brand BlackBerry does not feature in your wishlist anymore.

The new BlackBerry Android phones win you with its savvy looks and sleek design. One expects BlackBerry smart phones to come with plenty of savvy features and cool apps.

For one, the thing that wins you over is the way you unlock the phone – more of like sliding open a Slide Open box! The phone comes out from its sleep mode, as you move your finger from the bottom of the phone to the top and only unlocks till the point you have moved your finger. And yes, after unlocking, the phone retains your previous information and opens on the apps that you were previously using.

However, loyal BlackBerry users and some phone enthusiasts still have not given up on the brand. In fact, you would be surprised by the number of technologically forward people who prefer a BlackBerry device over everything else even today.

The Top Things to Love Your Blackberry Phone

These are some of the major reasons behind their affection.

  1. Design:

Most smartphone brands today replicate each other’s designs to a point where everything begins to look the same. On the other hand, BlackBerry devices have a unique chunky design which makes its users stand out in the crowd. People who like their phones o feel luxuriously heavy in their hands swear by this design.

  1. The Keyboard:

Typing on touchscreens has become the norm of communication, and most of us can do it efficiently with some practice. But some smartphone users prefer the old school keyboards when writing important messages and e-mails. Mind you; it is not because they cannot type on a touchscreen but simply because they love the click of the keys. The unique BlackBerry stands out every time.

  1. Built for business:

Blackberry phones are undoubtedly perfect for the corporate world. Its highly secure system makes it much easier to maintain privacy at work while being able to share important documents in an encrypted manner. Moreover, the email feature in a BlackBerry device is flawless. The corporate world still prefers e-mailing to Whatsapping. Not only will you be notified of every email you get, but you will also be able to sort them effortlessly.

However, that does not mean you will not be able to use social media. BlackBerry devices can run both Facebook and Twitter.

  1. Indicators:

Blackberry smartphones come with a light indicator which flashes whenever you have a pending notification that users absolutely adore.

Have you ever owned a BlackBerry?

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