What you should know about the BlackBerry Curve?

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Blackberry devices sparked off the smartphone revolution in most parts of the world, but has now faded to the background. Giant companies like Apple and Samsung are currently dominating the smartphone industry which is why Blackberry devices do not get the same amount of attention anymore even though their quality remains the same.

Just like all other brands, BlackBerry also had its very own series of smartphones, and one of them was called BlackBerry Curve. Not only was it one of their most popular line of professional smartphones but they were also known to be the most efficient.

Yes, the curves are back with blackberry adding a hot new sleek baby called BB Curve 9360 to its kitty of smartphones.

It boasts of a very sleek and lightweighed body just the way you like yours and get it happening by using the wide range of accessories it offers. The colour options just add more allure to its stylish look

together with its million dollar looks comes its smart applications, which doesn’t let you miss upon any gossips and chat with all your bbm jing bang.

It includes all your social websites like facebook and twitter which keeps ur social life a little more happening

Email exchange was never so easy before with instant Email/IM notifications

Its the world of speed and transformations and with Android OS you browse 40% faster now. Near field communication (NFC) makes it smart enough to self update the software so that your phone is always new and updated enabling you to experience all recent enhancements and features.

It is wifi enabled so that you can keep going with your endless internet surfings/emailing/IM anywhere anytime.

BlackBerry Ltd started manufacturing them in 2007 and continued releasing newer models up to 2011. The Curve brand had a “consumer-oriented” philosophy like all other BlackBerry phones and came with pre-installed multimedia features and cameras.

The Early Series:

The early series of BlackBerry Curve smartphones consisted of the:

Curve 8300 Series

Curve 8900

Curve 8500 Series

Curve 9300 3G

BlackBerry Curve first came into the market in 2007 with the Curve 8300 series which offered several models, namely 8300, 8310, 8320, 8330 and 8350i.

This was followed by the Blackberry 8900 that hit the market in 2009. It had the OS version 5.0 and was an upgrade from the 8300 model. The 8900 also came with a micro-USB port, 3.2-megapixel camera, and Wi-Fi.

Next, came the Curve 8500 Series and these smartphones had additional multimedia features along with a new trackpad.

The BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 completed the early series and was the first Curve phone to function on 3G.

BlackBerry 7 series:

Blackberry Curve 9220/9310/9320/9321

BlackBerry also developed a range of more affordable Curve phones following their popularity. These were aimed at developing economies and middle-class BlackBerry consumers. They are basically less advanced versions of the mid-range phones.

BlackBerry Curve 9350/9360/9370

These are the mid-range models which released in September 2011 and had the OS version 7.1. With a 5-megapixel camera accompanied by an LED flash, these were pretty advanced.

Blackberry Curve 9380 Series

These were the first Curve phones that had a touchscreen and not a physical keyboard.

Do you have any memory with a BlackBerry Curve model?

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