The BlackBerry is the most secure phone

kierhicks | December 20, 2017 | 974 | Technology

There was a time when the BlackBerry dominated the world of smartphones and was a symbol of supreme status and power. However, with the development of sleek and advanced Android and iOS devices, most users shunned it aside.

The BlackBerry is now used exclusively by a class of businessmen who do not want to give up on this trusty device. But the question is, why?


BlackBerry devices are known for the impenetrable security they offer. They make people believe and trust them, unlike modern Android devices and iPhones. Even now, when there are very few users of Blackberry, the company stands for trust and security.

The company was initially named Research in Motion (RIM), and they built a fundamentally secure mobile operating system in the early early-to-mid 2000’s when nobody else had thought of it. At the core of this system was a subscription-based email service which RIM had incorporated in order to offer its ‘push’ functionality.

How did it function?

Whenever user received an email in his or her inbox, it would reach the handset almost instantaneously. The emails would go through servers that were specifically operated by RIM before that. Moreover, all the inbound and outbound connections were secured with advanced transport-level security. As a result, no attacker or hacker could ever intercept the messages or steal important credentials.

Standing in 2018, these features do not surprise us anymore because we are used to Push and SSL being a part of our phones. People in the early 2000s, however, had never seen such security measures before and the Blackberry was very advanced for its time.

And it works even with an Android phone. The previous OS of the phone Blackberry 10, relied heavily on gestures which sometimes make it rather difficult to use for its users. The lack of physical buttons can leave you quite confused as to how to operate the phone. There are practically no switch buttons, back button,

There are practically no switch buttons, back button, menu button or apps button and you can only operate through gestures of your finger. If you thought guides could help, even the live demo on how to operate the phone does not ease your confusion. The only way you can learn at first, is perhaps through trial and

Perfect for the corporate world:

The BlackBerry was also an ideal corporate phone because it allowed the IT department of a company to administer a number of devices remotely by having them connected to a BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES). In case someone lost a phone, all the data could be wiped. Moreover, corporate IT departments were in control of all the devices and hence could take steps if they ever suspected someone of exfiltrating sensitive information. All the Blackberry devices could be configured at the same time.

Blackberry devices are exceptionally secure even by today’s standard, which is big corporate companies still adore them!

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